Rescuing the Princess

Performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by David Hernando Rico
Orchestrated by Chris Hesketh
Sound Technician by Martin Roller

I make no secret what the inspiration was behind this score. It was ‘Star Wars’ plain and simple. The very reason why, for me and for many others, I got interested in film music in the first place.
I decided to write for a particular series of scenes that I imagined could play out in a ‘Star Wars’ film. There are four main themes: the Imperial theme, the Sith theme, the Jedi theme and the Princess theme.
The score starts like any ‘Star Wars’ film worth its salt, with a reveal of an Imperial starship, quickly moving to the command bridge where the Sith theme is introduced. I really wanted this dripping with dark tidings and connotations of scheming. Next we hear the Princess theme, where I imagined her in a detention cell; I wanted the theme to convey a sense of loneliness here. The score then kicks up a notch as the Jedi storm into action. The chase continues down corridors as the Jedi fight to get to the landing bay. Then they have a short respite as they flee the ship in a stolen shuttle but it is short lived as the Imperial starship manoeuvres in pursuit as signalled by a reprisal of the Imperial theme. As things start getting desperate the shuttle weaves in and out of blaster fire and just as the Imperial ship begins to get the upper hand, the Jedi escape into hyperspace signalled by a joyous sweeping statement of the Princess theme. The heroes live to fight another day!

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